Our partners

PORCH-Durham works with partners across Durham County to identify children and their families most vulnerable to food insecurity. We deliver foods and funds directly to schools, child care providers and nonprofit agencies where families are already receiving services to help eliminate access barriers. Our current network of distribution partners consists of:

Our Partners

Child Care Providers, Preschools, and K-12 Schools

Community-based agencies

PORCH-Durham requires that our distribution partners:

  • Serve children and their families in Durham County
  • Serve people who are vulnerable to food insecurity (e.g., those who are low income, are un/underemployed, or reside in affordable housing)
  • Are committed to meeting the nutritional needs of the children and families they serve
  • Are committed to equity and accountability

If you meet our partnership criteria and would like to discuss becoming a distribution partner with PORCH-Durham, please email durham@porchcommunities.org to express interest.